About GABM
Global Association of Billionaires and Millionaires (GABM) is the philanthropic division of the Paulsmeier Inc Group, founded in 2000.

GABM is a private and exclusive non-profit society of like-minded philanthropists from all over the world, who are dedicated to fight global poverty as a strong membership collective by participating in GABM’s philanthropic programs and corporate activities, as good and responsible corporate citizens. GABM is regulated by its own Constitution and Membership Charter.

Considering the enormous challenges facing the global economy of today, our philosophy is that real good corporate citizens must, as a matter of course, unite in a strong international collective to actively and physically participate in intelligently designed programs, which significantly enhance international business development; and the development of entrepreneurship; and the creation of sustainable jobs, etc.

GABM does not believe in a policy that merely presents oversized checks to charity, as a way to escape its corporate social responsibility.

What clearly differentiates GABM from the thousands of other charity organizations is the rationale behind our philanthropic programs, which focuses on, and addresses, the causes of poverty as appose to only the symptoms thereof.

GABM’s Funding Model

GABM has developed its funding model in such a way that it would never have to request donations from its associate members, besides from the annual membership fees of course.

GABM does not manage and/or allocate capital funds on behalf of its associate members. GABM involve its associate members in its philanthropic programs for two distinct reasons:

The first reason is that GABM associate members are in control and manage their own capital in the philanthropic programs they wishes to participate in. By allocating their capital contributions directly to the applicable program, our associate members know it reaches the intended purpose and that it will never be lost or misappropriated through ineffective or fraudulent charity schemes. GABM associate members can participate in as much programs as they like. They can also decide whether their contributions will be off a capital or human resources or of any other related nature.

Secondly, by participating in specific GABM philanthropic programs, our associate member philanthropists are experiencing the joy and satisfaction of the successful outcomes of their various contributions.

GABM has developed sustainable and unique funding models to fund its corporate operations and philanthropic programs:

GABM’s equity grants towards global natural disasters as well as its corporate operations and infrastructure are funded from the funds generated by the annual GABM associate membership fees.

In order to fund its philanthropic programs, GABM establishes $1-Billion US Dollar capital funds on regular intervals in which its associate members can invest capital. Investment in these capital funds is completely voluntarily. GABM has currently six $1-Billion US Dollar funds, which fund business development projects all over the world. The Board of Executives will duly notify its associate members when a fund has been established, what kind of fund it is, what the minimum investment amount is, when the fund will be closed, etc.

When a particular $1-Billion US Dollar capital fund is fully subscribed, the investing associate members appoint a management committee who will be responsible to appoint an experienced Fund Manager to invest and manage the capital on their behalf.

These funds are required to generate bi-annual and/or annual income for the investing associate members. The life cycle of each fund is perpetual, but investing associate members can request the investment capital to be refunded after a period of 10 years.

In terms of an agreement with the GABM investing associate members, 50 percent of all profits generated by these funds are donated to fund GABM philanthropic programs as determined and selected by the fund manager of each applicable fund, and the remaining 50 percent of the profits are paid back to the respective GABM investing associate members.

Thus, with a nominal investment in one or more of these capital funds, GABM associate members can participate in numerous philanthropic programs without donating or allocating capital at any stage, while simultaneously generating profits for themselves at the same time.

The following $1-Billion US Dollar funds are operational in the GABM portfolio:

Private Equity Funds:
  • IBDF Private Equity Fund
  • Summit Private Equity Fund
  • BDP Private Equity Fund
Capital Markets Funds:
  • GABM Investment Fund I
  • GABM Investment Fund II
  • GABM Investment Fund III
Special Situations Funds:
  • GABM Special Situations Fund I
  • GABM Special Situations Fund II
Real Estate Funds:
  • GABM Real Estate Fund I
  • GABM Real Estate Fund II

NB: To download a 'GABM Profile' in pdf .format, kindly visit the Downloads section of GABM's Website.